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Wood carving represents a rich and deep tradition which has spanned through Ancient Egypt, Chinese dynasties, Catholic and Protestant architecture, traditional and modern Asian art, and remains a popular and respected trade today. Throughout history artists have found that carving a wooden piece of furniture may sometimes present a problem or impossibility; and therefore one must apply a carving on to it. Carved wood onlays can exhibit abundant detail and elegant design; and when applied to a piece, the onlay imparts its beauty. Though there are slight differences, a wood onlay can also be referred to as a wooden applique, medallion, or even a rosette. Carved appliques are generally are relatively flat pieces of wood carved by the artist's inspiration, which remains flat on one side. The design motifs can consist of geometric patterns or organic representations of subjects such as those found on wood rosettes or on a grape onlay. The onlay can then be applied onto another surface such as a piece of furniture, a cabinet, or wall. Applying a wood onlay to furniture or a cabinet can be done simply with the proper adhesive; if the onlay is too heavy an installer can use a type of hanging hardware or even nails. While onlays can vary in size, detail, and design; their artistic impact on the surface is instantly recognizable.


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